Buenos Aires: Gastronomy beyond Puerto Madero

Restaurants of nearby cities begin to attract the attention of porteños, taken by the preference of known soccer players

By Mario Teixeira (Text and Photos)

There was a time in which the address of the great and famous restaurants was in Puerto Madero. Even today are revitalized the port of Buenos Aires names like Rodizio and Siga la Vaca, who were reference in the last decade and still attracts mainly tourists who pass through the city. However, for the porteños, the region has become expensive and without many attractive, with foods that do not offer the "cost-benefit" of names that appear on food scene Argentine footballers and attracting many families.

The queues at the door of the grill are always long, especially on weekends

In Avellaneda, on Avenida Guemes, 567, the Parrilla El Tano, has emerged as one of the leading names of the moment. Menu by 130 pesos (about U.S. $ 23 per person), now including a 2-liter bottle of soda every two customers and dessert, place the decoration draws attention focused on sport, particularly football, and the excited climate of an Italian cantina. Tano, in Buenos Aires, as they are called the Italians. However, do not expect that language to talk with the owners. The name has nothing with the owners porteña origin, giving teams like Dock Sud, the region where is the restaurant, the same value as Boca Juniors, Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Fabio makes a point to in person serve clients.

On the wall are some famous shirts. Unfortunately, none of Brazil. But Barcelona has one of the which, according to legend, would have been offered to Fabio, the owner, Lionel Messi, which was never confirmed. Also, no one denied the information. Front of the shirt, Real Madrid fans decided to gift the owner with a shirt of your team, in order not to lose the position to the rival. Bickering aside, the owner is always smiling, and he himself carried the "parrilla" at the table of customers and offering steak tips that everyone can enjoy.

Despite the quality of the meat, do not be fooled by the amount. Waiters constantly circulate with the requested salads, and meat trays shown in sauces, cheese and ham and fried egg. The traditional cuts, as Vacio and Rips were not forgotten and arrive when requested or in the midst of some beautiful chef's suggestions. Therefore, although the site offers the opportunity to reserve, do not be late, not to run the risk of losing the time and have to face the queues, blending families of Buenos Aires and the nearby cities with the players of the moment. Maybe that's the secret of success: everyone who does not have reserve or delay, are in the same row. No predilections or fame.

Park Quilmes Brewery option for the whole year

For those who do not dig flesh, but like pasta cooked well, amidst screens which pass the Argentine soccer league games and concerts, suggestion and restaurant Park Quilmes Brewery in Triumvirate, 700 in Quilmes. The space is large and with good central heating during winter. In summer the tables fill leave the room and continue towards the park where you can see sports fields, the field of the football team, and during the day, visit the brewery.

Watered too much beer, but always with the option of bottled water and soda, the pasta take the team players and families from nearby towns, including the capital of Argentina. A good Calzone, with cheese, hearts of palms and mushrooms, which easily serves three people, is found for 120 pesos (about U.S. $ 21). There is a little shop that sells products of the brewery, from shirts and hats to pens.


One option for those with very little money are the cars of parrilla

The authentic Argentine flavor can be enjoyed by those who have less money to spend and do not care to share space with construction workers. The kiosks "Parrilha" on bread, from traditional Choripan, smoked sausage in bread, 15 pesos (about U.S. $ 3.50), to the famous Bandiola, sirloin pork steaks with a fried egg over the meat , 30 pesos (about U.S. $ 7). The choices of salad and sauces to accompany are always available to consumers. The booths can be found in various parts of the city, from Sunday to Sunday.

By the way, they have been cause for a discussion hall, which still follows a course undefined. The sandwiches are made in plates open on charcoal, to keep the taste of "authentic Argentinian Parrilha". Pointing ecological issues involving cutting wood and the smoke of its burning, politicians of Buenos Aires decided to make a decree calling for the replacement of wood for cooking gas, which, according to barraqueiros would declare its bankruptcy, since the meat lose the flavor and customers will disappear.

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